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Awakening Inner Guru

by Banani Ray and Amit Ray

This book has changed my life. It can change yours too.

This book is for you, if you no longer want to live a life full of suffering. This book is a step by step guide to awaken your inner power that will help to bring you everything you desire in your life. Inner guru is our inner Sun.

This book is for you, if you are a freedom loving individual, if you are unwilling to put your allegiance to any external authoritative figure as your guru. It is an ultimate manual for non-sectarian spiritual practice. It will teach you invaluable lessons about how to understand, observe and train your mind and how to deal with negative and hurtful emotions.  Awakening Inner Guru  will teach you how to access your inner bliss.

It will teach you the secret of conscious intention, conscious decision and conscious choice. It will teach you proven ancient techniques of meditation and other core practices to achieve a higher level of awareness. It will serve you as a friend and guide to an awakened living. It contains lessons about:

  • Importance of awakening your inner guru.
  • Importance of forgiveness, patience, generosity and gratitude
  • How you create your own destiny
  • How to release resistances
  • The art of witnessing
  • Importance of silence to realize your dreams
  • How to move to silence from the chattering of mind, and  Much more……

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Laughing Buddha: The Alchemy of Euphoric Living

by Sakshi Chetana

This book discusses about laughing Buddha as a feng-shui icon. However, this book is more about the laughing Buddha symbolism and Zen lifestyle for living life more fully and joyously. If you are searching for means to living a more happy and fulfilling life, then this book is for you.

If you are willing to explore the possibility of an euphoric living right in the middle of your daily chores and responsibilities, then this book can show you the way;  the teachings in this book are very practical and implementable.

If you are willing to live the wisdom of Buddhism to live a joyful and meaningful life, without being formally initiated to Buddhism, this book is for you.

Apart from discussing the fengshui guidelines for where to, how to and why to place a laughing Buddha statue in your home this book teaches you :

  • The importance of positive thinking
  • How to live from a higher consciousness by continuous self-awareness
  • How to live the spirit of the laughing Buddha for a joyful living
  • How to respond to an unpleasant situation
  • How to maintain our balance in every situation
  • How to cope with fear
  • How to be free from guilt, shame or bad habits
  • How to tackle with strong negative thoughts and emotions
  • How to get rid of depressive thoughts,  and much more…..

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