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If you are searching for means to living a more happy and fulfilling life, then this book is for you. Though this book discusses about the laughing Buddha as a feng-shui icon, this book is more about teaching and explaining the laughing Buddha symbolism and  lifestyle for living our life more fully and joyously.

If you are willing to explore the possibility of an euphoric living right in the middle of your daily chores and responsibilities, then this book can show you the way. This book teaches you :

  • The importance of  positive thinking
  • How to live from a higher consciousness by continuous self-awareness
  • How to live the spirit of the laughing Buddha for a joyful living
  • How to respond to an unpleasant situation
  • How to maintain our balance in every situation
  • How to cope with fear
  • How to be free from guilt, shame or bad habits
  • How to tackle with strong negative thoughts and emotions
  • How to get rid of the pattern of depressive thoughts and much more ..

Lucidly and beautifully written, the “Laughing Buddha” contains the wisest wisdom often in a question-answer format. The book is an enjoyable read for everyone who aspires to live a joyful and meaningful life. Read this book and apply its message in your life if you really would like to walk on earth as a buddha, laughing.






Sangeeta Thakur: This book emits such peace and tranquility. The euphoric figure on the cover as if speaks inside so that his spirit can sink deep within us and become daily practices. Sakshi’s ability to simplify big Buddhist philosophy and combine them with the simple Zen-like attitude of Laughing Buddha is brilliant. This lovely, small book contains profound observation, stories and wisdom to be applied in our daily lives. I am pleased that I picked up this book on laughing Buddha, which is a joy to read. This book has caused me to refocus on how I approach my daily life with total understanding, meditative awareness and joy, to live my life to the fullest.

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