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The Secret of Om Mantra meditation

 I have a student, Christina. Christina was brought up with catholic upbringing. Now she is utterly disillusioned with any religion and calls herself an agnostic. When I advised her to practice mantra meditation with Om, she was a bit skeptical. Read more….

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Power of Mantra Meditation: you may not know

From the very childhood I have been attracted to mantras. My great grandmother was a very devout woman who loved to chant the name of Krishna. This was much before the spread of “Hare Krishna” movement in the west. She Read more….

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Mantra Meditation Techniques

Best Practices for Mantra Meditation: Mantra works like missile that propels the mind beyond the “gravitational fields” of the lower levels of consciousness, through all the turbulence of the unconscious mind, to the super-consciousness – and beyond. Thus, a correct Read more….

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The Power of Tara Mantra “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha” for daily protection

Tara is known to protect from fear and danger, heal illness, increase longevity and increase prosperity. On the ultimate level, she awakens our wisdom so that we can realize the true nature of reality.  In Mahayana Buddhist tradition it is Read more….

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