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Laughing Buddha

The powerful ‘Smiling you’ meditation

Today I am going to share a wonderful meditation technique that I practice myself. I call it ‘Smiling you Meditation’. Smiling you meditation is an excellent way to be centered and calm very quickly. After this meditation, you will feel Read more….

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Laughing Buddha: The symbol of enlightened living

Laughing Buddha is not just a Feng-Shui ornament or icon kept at one corner of your home for happiness. Recently I visited the home of one of my friends. I found a couple of small Laughing Buddha statues of different Read more….

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Who is the Laughing Buddha?

The Laughing Buddha in many Asian cultures has come to represent a Buddha of contentment and abundance. He does not have the solemn air of the historical Buddha. On the contrary, he has a very open and jolly demeanor. The statue of Read more….

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The laughing Buddha: an epitome of happiness

The laughing Buddha reminds us of the most important message from the Buddhist philosophy. You must have a loving heart to be happy. After the spread of Siddhatha Guatama’s teachings to China, the religion there had become too sanctimonious and sombre. The Read more….

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