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 Awakening Inner Guru review- a book by Banani Ray and Amit Ray

I received the book “Awakening Inner Guru” as a birthday gift from a dear friend. Little did I know then about the huge impact it will leave on me. I waS just intrigued by the title. I was familiar with the term “Guru”, which means spiritual mentor or teacher, but  I never felt any inclination to bow to a human guru or any super human individual. In fact, I always avoided the crowd or followers that idolize their gurus.

The term ‘inner guru’ was intriguing. However, after reading a few pages I understood that this book is about an entirely new concept, rather a new reality, unknown to me so far. It is about the inner Sun that exists within us, all of us, no matter at what stage of life we are, or how enlightened or fallen we are. The authors claim, “It is the eternal friend, philosopher and guide that always abide by you, no matter what external situation of life you might be going through. It never deserts you however fallen you are. It is the destroyer of all fears.” The book is about awakening our inner wisdom, inner power, inner beauty, which is our real self. Living a fulfilling life is a skill that requires both practice and understanding. This book provides both.

This is a warm, inspiring and, above all, practical book. Its gentle wisdom will guide you through the ups and downs of daily living, such as emotional healing, problems with relationships and the difficulties of achieving balance in life. It can be used for inspiration, or instruction. I have read it for countless times for added insights.

You will enjoy reading this book if you really want to explore the full potential of your inner strength. It offers a very down-to-earth approach to understanding, in detail and simple language. For those who are truly interested to attain spiritual freedom and fulfillment in every sphere of life, this book is a practical and personal manual.

Awakening Inner Guru  taught me how to access my inner bliss. It taught me how this natural bliss stays within us for a lifetime, hidden behind the chatter of the mind, without most of us having any taste or experience of this magnificent experience. It is the most wonderful nectar you will ever taste in your whole life, when you uncover or awaken this bliss that is hidden within you.

This book introduced me to an overwhelmingly peaceful inner silence that goes much beyond the continuous mental chatter. This silence is the fertile ground of all creation. It is the base from where our desires manifest. I came to love this silence and gradually I learned to live this silence. “The soundless sound of existence is the sound of silence. It resonates within your very being as your inner guru. It is the sound of eternity. It is the golden light of being”- Awakening Inner Guru by Banani Ray and Amit Ray.

They are amazing persons who had gone through a total transformational journey in their lives. In this book they disclose everything they learnt from their journey on the path of spiritual awakening. The book is written in a very authoritative way to guide you on your journey. This was the book that inspired me on my journey in to my deeper being. “Awakening Inner Guru” had been my constant companion for the past two years. I am very grateful for Banani Ray’s and Amit Ray’s teachings. I probably would have lacked the spiritual maturity that I am fortunate to have now, if I didn’t read this book.

The book review of Laughing Buddha: The Alchemy of Euphoric Living 

by Sakshi Chetana

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

If you are searching for means to living a more happy and fulfilling life, then this book is for you. ‘Laughing Buddha: The Alchemy of Euphoric Living’ is about something, most of us only use to decorate our homes with, as a Feng-Shui remedy.

The Laughing Buddha is an widely accepted Feng-shui icon that symbolizes abundance, luxury, peace, comfort and happiness. Though this book also discusses about the laughing Buddha as a feng-shui icon, this book is more about teaching and explaining the laughing Buddha symbolism and Zen lifestyle for living our life more fully and joyously. Sakshi claims that the laughing Buddha is actually a Buddha, laughing and living his ordinary life after he experienced awakening.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important personal development books that I have ever read. This book taught me to laugh more and to relax in all situations. This book has taught me about how to :

  1. Let go and relax
  2. Respond to an unpleasant situation without losing my calm
  3. Think outside the box

If you are willing to explore the possibility of an euphoric living right in the middle of your daily chores and responsibilities, then this book can show you the way;  the teachings in this book are very practical and implementable. If you are willing to live the wisdom of Buddhism to live a joyful and meaningful life, without being formally initiated to Buddhism, this book is for you.

The book teaches you how to live the spirit of the Laughing Buddha for bringing relaxation, contentment and joy in your life and live these qualities 24 hours a day, for everyday in your life. Apart from discussing the conventional Fengshui guidelines for where to, how to and why to place a laughing Buddha statue in your home, this book teaches you :

  • The importance of  positive thinking
  • How to live from a higher consciousness by continuous self-awareness
  • How to live the spirit of the laughing Buddha for a joyful living
  • How to respond to an unpleasant situation
  • How to maintain our balance in every situation
  • How to cope with fear
  • How to be free from guilt, shame or bad habits
  • How to tackle with strong negative thoughts and emotions
  • How to get rid of the pattern of depressive thoughts and much more ..

 The book talks about the spirit of the Laughing Buddha which is a state of ultimate relaxation, happiness and contentment. Sakshi Chetana brings in this book the rare combination of ancient Buddhist wisdom and its practical use in our daily lives in the modern world for living in joy. I love her writing style which is very simple and insightful.

This book wonderfully explores the legends and lessons from the ancient symbolism of Laughing Buddha, whose spirit we can imbibe for a delightful living. Lucidly and beautifully written, the “Laughing Buddha” contains the wisest spirit of Buddhism in a readily understandable and accessible form, often in a question-answer format, for even those, who are new to Buddhism. The book is an enjoyable read for everyone who aspires to live a joyful and meaningful life. Sakshi really explains the alchemy for a euphoric living in a nutshell. Read this book and apply its message in your life if you really would like to walk on earth as a buddha, laughing.

OM Chanting and Meditation

By Amit Ray

Om Chanting and Meditation

Om Chanting and Meditation

The book provides some powerful Om chanting and meditation techniques to bring balance health and harmony in life. In Eastern religions, Om (AUM) is considered as the most sacred mantra. Om is the mantra of integration; integration of individual with the Whole. Om is the mantra of harmony and celebration. Om is the mantra to access the Supreme Divinity residing within us. In this book Amit Ray describes several Om chanting and Om meditation methods in detail in a lucid and plain English. Om chanting and meditations have healing effects on the body and the mind. This book is a step-by-step guide to practise meditations with the Om. As you practise, a long-lasting sense of well-being manifests in your life. You will notice a sense of joyfulness entering your life along with an ability to appreciate the many gifts that surround you. This book will help both the beginners as well as the advanced practitioners.

The Gospel According to Jesus

The Gospels of Jesus

Translated by Stephen Mitchell

This is one of the greatest book as the art of living philosophy. In this book, Mitchell carefully distills the gospels down to the essential spiritual teachings of Jesus. It’s a book that is meant for both “believers and unbelievers.”


The Bhagavad Gita:

Translated by Stephen Mitchell

Stephen Mitchell is one of the great translators of our time. He takes us deep into this sacred Hindu text that discusses life, death, and the nature of the self. It’s also one of the key texts that inspired the transcendentalism of Emerson and Thoreau.

Zen Mind

tao te ching

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

by Shunryu Suzuki

I first came upon this book in a University course on Zen Buddhism. This is one of the classic texts of the Zen tradition. It’s full of practical reflections on meditation and on the broader art of living well.

tao te ching

The Tao Te Ching

Translated by Stephen Mitchell

The Tao Te Ching translates as “The Book of the Way.” It’s a book of Lao-tzu’s short aphorisms about spiritual growth, meaning, and the art of living. I am sure, you will  love it just to  flip through this book and pick a passage at random.

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