The powerful ‘Smiling you’ meditation

Today I am going to share a wonderful meditation technique that I practice myself. I call it ‘Smiling you Meditation’. Smiling you meditation is an excellent way to be centered and calm very quickly. After this meditation, you will feel more peaceful, joyful, safe and secure. You may practice this meditation sitting on a cushion on the floor or on a chair.

You can practice this meditation even when you are angry or upset for some reason. In fact, you should practice this meditation especially when you are angry or upset. Once you begin this ‘Smiling you meditation, you will feel relaxed and your mental excitement or anger will melt down.

Smile meditationI remember once my friend Donna came to me very excited and angry about one of our common friends. I suggested her to sit down and do this meditation which I guided her in to. Within a few moments, she looked calmer and centered. She thanked me profusely for this meditation that uplifted her vibration so fast. But the best benefit from this meditation comes when you practice it daily. You will find yourself more peaceful and saner than before. You will be even-tempered. You will not lose your temper quickly. You will be more blissful.

Before you start this meditation

  1. Before this meditation, stand in front of a mirror and smile affectionately towards yourself or towards someone you love. Remember the smile and try to recreate it in your mind.
  2. Try to create a lovely smile. Have confidence in you. You look best when you smile. Everybody does.
  3.  You can do this meditation anytime and anywhere, even when you are travelling. Just close your eyes and let the world take care of itself. You take care of the world when you take care of yourself.
  4. If you wish you can run a piece of relaxing music on the background when you meditate.

The ‘Smiling you meditation’ Technique

This meditation is one of the simplest. Just remember to keep your spine straight and close your eyes very gently. Now bring a smile on your lips. Think that you are sitting in your ideal place of relaxation. Mentally visualize a part, or a garden, or a sea beach or any other place of your choice. Keep smiling and feel your smile.

Buddha smile

Smiling You_ Buddha Smiling

Your inner feeling is most important for this meditation. Visualize yourself smiling. Try to visualize in details. How do you look when you smile? Try to visualize yourself as a living Buddha, smiling.

Now feel the change in your mind. Do your emotions change? Do you feel calmer than before?  Keep looking at the mental image of smiling you. This state of smile and peace is your original nature. Everything else is a deviation. To make this whole process more powerful pay attention to every detail of your smiling face; your forehead, closed eyes, eyelids, cheeks, lips… Feel them as filled with smiling energy.

When you can feel the smiling energy, send the smiling energy down to your hands, neck, chest, abdomen and the legs.Fill your whole body with the smiling energy.

When you are done with this meditation, sit on your cushion for a few minutes, bless the whole existence and keep smiling. 🙂

The Smiling you meditation is a very powerful meditation. Do not underestimate its power looking at the simplicity of the technique. It is an excellent way to increase your inner power, inner silence and clarity of mind. It is a tool that you can use to change yourself from within. Give it a try Now!


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