Yoga and relationship

Everyone wishes to be happy. All of us wish that we can live the life as we love to live, doing what we love to do, and sharing our life with genuine friends, partner, or people of our own heart. I see Yoga as a means to achieve this dream. Yoga helps us to beautify our lives right at the place where we are.
The Sanskrit term Yoga means union or to unite. Yoga can help us broaden our outlook and heart so that we can experience harmony in our relationship with the fellow human beings. Yoga means union with the Divine in us and with the Divine in our fellow travelers on this journey on earth. Yoga means union with Life.
Yoga is a means to cultivate rich relationships with ourselves, our friends and relations, our partners and with Life, as a whole. Relationship is one of the major platforms that Life offers us to practice and experience practical aspect of Yoga.

Key to a good Relationship


Take a deep breath and look in to the mirror. Remember the ancient teachings of Yoga, which says that God or the Divine dwells within you and manifests as you. God dwells within the person sitting across you, and manifests as that person. God manifests as your spouse, children or co-worker as well. Can we ever try or recognize God peeping through us and our spouse, children or friends? This one simple practice can evolve us in our journey through Yoga.

We all know that yoga is about releasing tensions, building strength, and increasing flexibility. While these are the physical aspects of the benefits derived from Yoga, we can derive immense benefit from our practice if we learn to take Yoga off the mat right in to our relationships. While our muscle releases the tension, we need to release, let go of old bitterness or memories that drag us down to the past. While the physical practice of Yoga makes our limbs more supple and flexible, we need to be more flexible in our relationships; we need to be more accepting, more loving and less judgmental.

The key to a good, nourishing relationship is our attitude to one another. A feeling of ease, calm, lightheartedness, and friendliness born out of our Yoga practice can be the strong foundation of a good relationship. Ego operates from our left brain. The right brain is creative, artistic and it is our connection with the Whole. It is our connection with the Divine within us. When we are critical or judgmental of others, we come from the voice of our ego.

Instead of thinking about how we can help us, when we think about serving our friends, spouse or partner to make them happy, we switch to our right brain and strengthen that. When we make that switch, we disengage the ego and all the elements around us begin to work in harmony. When we come out of the cage of our ego-centric thinking (nothing to be ashamed of it; it is part of being a human being.), a deeper dimension of our being opens up and we learn to connect with others at a more deeper level where peace and harmony reigns. We can always raise our voice against something we feel wrong; but we need to do so with respect and dignity. Yoga teaches us to trust and respect the Divinity within others. Such trust andrespect helps to create a good relationship.


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Gayatri Clabonova is an author, book-lover, life-coach and teacher of Yoga and meditation. She loves to explore Life in all ways. Music, mountaineering and photography are her favorite hobbies.
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