Power of Silence

SilenceSilence has incredible power. It can change our life for better. When you experience silence in the inner shrine of your own heart, your heart opens up to receive the divine grace that flows as the soundless melody. Talking unnecessarily wastes huge energy that could be used in a meaningful pursuit. Most people are habitual talkers. They feel an urgent and unconscious need to talk about anything and everything.  If they do not find anyone to listen to them A restless, chattering mind can never pray nor can it hear the voice of Silence. It is said when your mind is calm, they will keep themselves busy in watching TV programs, even those that they do not like. Or, they will surf the web aimlessly, while their mind goes on chitchatting on its own about this or that. A chattering mind is seldom happy. But then, unhappiness is so widespread in the modern society, that  people seem to have made an unconscious agreement to live with it.

Have you ever thought, why do people love to talk so much, even when there is no apparent need to talk? It is because, talking gives us an avenue for self-expression. It is the inherent and unconscious urge of the ego-self to prove its existence. Nevertheless, unconscious talking increases the chatter and restlessness of our mind that makes us feel bored or miserable. When you put a restraint on speech, speaking sparingly, sharing only your best thoughts, you start conserving your energy, which creates an unseen halo of energy around you. It creates happiness within you. The invincible power of silence creates spiritual energy to transform your life and personality.

When we do not waste our time in passing judgment and making unnecessary comments about others, we become more creative and productive. Many other positive qualities manifest in our life as we cultivate a period of silence daily or weekly. We become more patient, less hasty in our thoughts and actions, more generous and kind.

If you try to practice silence, you may have to put an effort in the beginning. But, with time, you will be surprised by the result. You will find that your need to talk lesser, and as a result, you become more and more aware about your thoughts and the inner workings of your mind. Ultimately, a state of silence descends on you that is effortless, natural and beautiful. A blessedness will surround you. Wonderful healing happens in such a state. You will find yourself rejuvenated and energized.

We have forgotten the golden shrine of silence that exists within us. We have forgotten that happiness is the natural state of our being. The silence that exists within you is not the dead silence of a grave.  It is compassionate and loving; it is the ever flowing river of bliss that flows from inside out. It makes us more compassionate and loving. Our relationships improves, as a result. When the chattering mind is focused on something, it becomes calm and pure. Then it opens up to its sublime essence as the blissful flow of inner light. We become naturally happy, as a result. Gradually a quiet serenity descends on us.


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About Sakshi Chetana

Sakshi Chetana is a poet and teacher of Buddhist meditation. She writes on mind-body-spirit meditation, Buddha lifestyle and infinite human potential. She is author of several books on Yoga and Buddhism. Her latest book is “Laughing Buddha: The Alchemy of Euphoric Living”. She lives in a small Himalayan province in the northern India. She conducts meditation retreats.
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