Meditation for Bliss within you

Bliss is already present within you. It is as readily available as your breath. Only you need to learn to invoke it in your consciousness. You can use the following simple practice to uncover your natural connection with your inner bliss.The more you practice invoking the state of natural well-being and bliss within you, the more available it will be to you.  As you invite happiness into your life in this way,  you will have more access to a blissful life. Try this simple meditation and see how it works for you.

Sit comfortably and gently close your eyes. Become aware of your breath, and after a moment, begin to breathe slowly and deeply. Breathe in such a way that you feel relaxed and at ease. Let go of any tension in your mind or body, as you exhale.

Allow the relaxation flow through your whole body, from your head to all the way down to your toes. Do it for five minutes. You do not need to look at your watch. Just do it as long as it requires to make you feel relaxed.

When your body is relaxed, feel the still and silent center of your being. Now, think of a moment when you had experienced great joy and well-being. It may be an event of the past, like when you had a wonderful time in a national park or, when you were with a good friend. Remember your experience in details. Hold the image of that moment in your mind. Remember the experience of bliss or well-being felt in your body.

The next step is let go of the images with a grateful heart.. Let the images fade away in to a soft white light in the center of your heart. Let the light expand and expand, until it takes you in its bosom. Take a few moments to feel the warmth of the light that holds you within.

Now let your awareness feel the sensations in your body. Feel the peaceful and spacious feeling in your mind. Breathe in this feeling of well-being. Relax into it with each exhalation. Experience the joy of being in  the moment.

Use this practice regularly to be in touch of your inner bliss. Also practice it whenever you feel low and need a shift in your consciousness. By invoking the bliss within, you naturally open yourself up to the bliss, which increases day by day.


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About Sakshi Chetana

Sakshi Chetana is a poet and teacher of Buddhist meditation. She writes on mind-body-spirit meditation, Buddha lifestyle and infinite human potential. She is author of several books on Yoga and Buddhism. Her latest book is “Laughing Buddha: The Alchemy of Euphoric Living”. She lives in a small Himalayan province in the northern India. She conducts meditation retreats.
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