Dalai Lama on inner peace, happiness, God and money

Happiness is something all of us desire. However, happiness does not solely depend on external factors. Real happiness starts to grow inside of us as a deep feeling of a stream of joy flowing in your heart. It grows day by day. How do we grow it within us? By being compassionate, kind and loving. Compassion generates the inner stream of happiness. Love and acts of kindness enriches the stream, and Suddenly one day you find yourself happy for no particular reason. Good relationship, spiritual insights, prosperity and abundance follows. Watch this YouTube video to find His Holiness  Dalai Lama speaking on this:


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Gayatri Clabonova is an author, book-lover, life-coach and teacher of Yoga and meditation. She loves to explore Life in all ways. Music, mountaineering and photography are her favorite hobbies.
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