Art of Happy Living

Embracing an intelligent way of living:

What does it really mean to live intelligently? Living intelligently means living consciously, without being burdened by the impressions and conditioning of the past. Living intelligently means seeing things in perspective. Living intelligently means living with an open heart and alert mind. Living intelligently means the willingness to correct yourself if you find something wrong. Living intelligently means being present to your own feelings as well as the feelings of others. That way you can never go wrong.

Refuse to accept or reject things until you know them at the level of your own experience. Do not accept something blindly because some authoritative figure has said so. Life is vast, and nobody, however wise, can know it in totality. Approach life with the spirit of a scientist and never be afraid to experiment. You do not need to borrow the intelligence from the books or somewhere else. We, all of us are gifted with this intelligence when we are born. As we grow up many begin to live life on an auto-pilot, on the basis of the conditioning they acquire from society. It is easy to live life that way. The intelligence is kept aside. When you do not use it for long, it gets rusted like all other equipments.

Living intelligently needs a little effort after you have been habituated to sleepwalk through the life for a long time. But this effort pays. When you live intelligently, you do not neglect any aspect of your life. You see the importance of establishing a balance in all aspects of your life. You learn to accept life in its totality. Life is like a multi-faceted diamond. Health, wealth, relationship, work, entertainment, creativity and wisdom are various facets of this diamond. When you take care of each one of these facets, the diamond sparkles. On the other hand, if you happen to neglect any aspect, in the pursuit of the others, it brings pain and discomfort.

Take time to sharpen and enhance all the aspects of your life. Balance and harmony is the key to intelligent way of living. Paying close attention to your body and feelings,-both physical and mental, will let you know whether you are going right or wrong in anything you undertake. If you are feeling light at heart, peaceful and comfortable, you are moving in the right direction. For example, if you are taking too much spicy food, your tongue and your stomach will give uncomfortable indication to you, if you remain alert enough to notice it. Unfortunately, through long habit of ignoring these indications, the intelligence of your body has been battered. When you smoke, the cells of your lungs cry; you do not hear them.

Each cell of your body has intelligence of its own; they work out smoothly their functions without your conscious intervention. Your body knows how to heal itself. Your body is designed to function perfectly without any external intervention. Unconscious ill-treatment of the body and mind out of wrong habits and lifestyle brings diseases, which are nothing but the indications that you need to take care of your vehicle (read ‘body’) if you want to keep it in working condition.  Pay attention to the intelligence of your body. When you continue to do that, the latent intelligence will be awakened, which can heal the body from diseases.

Likewise, pay close attention to the feelings of your mind and heart. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you do or say something wrong to others? Have you ever noticed how it feels to be angry or spiteful? Well, you do not need a sermon to teach you that anger is bad, if you closely noticed your feelings when you were angry. Anger or any negative emotion for that matter releases harmful, toxic chemicals in your body that are stored in your body. You feel your heart and head aching.

When you learn to live intelligently, you learn to by-pass those negative emotions. You learn to look closely at your feelings and take the remedial measures to restore balance and harmony. As we progress in this journey, we will learn tips and techniques to do that.

To live intelligently also means being present to your breath and savor each moment of life as it unfolds. You learn to let go of old hurts, pains, sorrows and bereavements; you learn to move on. Life is all about moving on with the moment. True, memories, pleasant as well as painful, want to cling by us; but both pleasures and pains are like the two banks of a river, that life is. The river flows on between the banks without clinging to any. When you learn to move on with life, you learn the secret of happiness. You learn to appreciate the little joys of life, like breathing in the fresh air, walking through a green forest path on a sunny morning or having a wholesome dinner with your near and dear ones.

Last and the most important aspect of intelligent living is love. When you learn the intelligent way of living, you learn to love yourself as well as others. You learn to love and respect your body that is the shrine of the divine intelligence, the cosmic intelligence. You learn to love and respect others. You learn to appreciate the beauty of this existence and the web of interconnectedness. You learn to feel the cosmic intelligence vibrating in every living being and you learn to treat life with respect.

Ultimately, you will find your heart welling up with gratitude to everything that holds, sustains and nourishes your existence as a human being. You become full of love, respect and gratitude to the earth, the rivers, the Sun, the air and the sky. You become full of useful insights and wisdom. You feel connected to the whole cosmos; your heart overflows with peace and happiness and it feels like a homecoming.  That is the ultimate reward of an intelligent living.



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