How to be Successful

Recently I was reading this book written by a Buddhist teacher. I loved it. The author speaks a lot about creating success consciousness and reprogramming the mind. 

We can really develop success consciousness and achieve success by reprogramming our mind. You see, the thoughts in your mind are just inert energy. It is you as the energy of consciousness that adds life to them as you take them as ‘my thought’ and as you believe them as ‘true’. We can develop success consciousness, by changing our thoughts, beliefs and perception.

I liked her concept of our brain and body being like parts of a bio-computer, while our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are the software parts. Just as we can install new software in our laptop and uninstall old programs, we can reprogram our mind by installing new thoughts, ideas and beliefs and uninstalling the old ones. It is easy when you know how to work with affirmation and visualization.

Spiritual Secrets of Success. That is the name of the book. It is one of those books that gives you a bundle of novel ideas to work on. Sakshi Chetana (the author) set aside the conventional idea that success  needs a lot of pushing, shoving and outsmarting your competitors.   On the contrary it is easy, she says, when you know to use the power of your subconscious mind.

The wrong belief that ‘there is a lack’, which humans are taught through countless centuries, is at the source of all misery, jealousy and competitiveness.  It is in our own interest that we learn to reprogram our mind by altering our belief in lack, scarcity or limitedness. There is no lack of abundance on earth. We just need to know how to use the law of abundance in our favor.

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Gayatri Clabonova is an author, book-lover, life-coach and teacher of Yoga and meditation. She loves to explore Life in all ways. Music, mountaineering and photography are her favorite hobbies.
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